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R&D’s Power Bowl, the cure for unpredictable carburetor performance, common in todays motocross bikes. With the advent of high performance 4 stroke engines, carburetor hesitation is a far too common occurrence. Temporary lack of fuel supply, caused by air pockets finding their way to jet passages, also cavitation in the accelerator pump, can quickly deflate a riders confidence in his machine. The “R&D POWER BOWL” is a sure fix for these problems. During hard landings and high speed impacts, excessive fuel splash currently exists. Splashing coupled with excessive clearance around the production fuel baffle, allows air pockets to reach the main and pilot jet, resulting in an extreme lean condition, commonly known as “bogging.” The “R&D POWER BOWL” designed with our new “ZERO TOLERANCE JET CHAMBER”, minimizes existing clearances eliminating the possibility of fuel evacuation around the main and pilot jet area. (no bog) Our “ANTI-CAVITATION” Accelerator pump is State of the Art, designed with two separate fuel ports. Port one, is positioned at the highest point in the fuel chamber, providing a natural purge, allowing entrapped air to escape through the leak jet orifice. Port two, is isolated low in the fuel sump area, assuring ‘FUEL ONLY’ into the venturi. With all the new advances in the “R&D POWER BOWL”, we also included an externally adjustable leak jet for fine tunning, it’s just a quick and easy hand adjustment. The ball check valve has also been redesigned, relocated at the bottom of the pump cover for a more consistant fuel supply. The stock steel ball in the check valve has also been replaced with a nylon type for an improved response time during hard landings and harsh impacts. • Eliminates hesitation and bogging • Better Holeshots • Provides instant response to throttle movements • Starts easier • Reduces hot engine stalling • Improves low end performance • Bolt-on product that requires no modification • ELIMINATES FLAMEOUT ASSOCIATED WITH REKLUSE CLUTCHES

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