Hi Dean,

We lost our snow due to the warm weather here, so I moved the Genius throttle body to my 350 sixdays.
I used a Dobeck GEN 4 with an O2 sensor to tune. I have a slip on FMF, screen less air filter.
I set the TPS at .64. Bike starts great, sounds like a 450 when you wick the throttle.
Very good throttle response, gave the 350 the snap I was looking for.
Much more rideable and pulls 3rd-4th with authority.


Hi Dean. Just a quick note to tell you how much I love the my new Genius throttle body and mapping.

My 2014 KTM 365 SX-F is a whole new (and far better) beast!

This bike has been sometimes criticized as more like a bigger and more sluggish 250 rather than a lighter and more nimble/manageable 450. Those same critics have questioned whether KTM may have missed the mark with the 350.

I’m here to tell you we have an awesome set-up!! And despite being a 2XL, out-of shape, 51 year old novice who wishes Fly Racing would make pants in 46 (rather than sucking my gut in to zip my 44s) and frequently gets passed by go-for-broke 12 year olds on 85s, I love this sport. I ride/race in my comfort zone and admittedly avoid unnecessary risk because broken hands and wrists would be catastrophic for my surgical career.

I also freely admit that my Cylinder Works 365 kit helped the bike character some but really didn’t make a major difference in the how the power was transferred to the ground.

With the Genius throttle body, Vortex ECU and mapping, the bike has come alive! It’s great off the bottom and has better power on demand with the crack of the throttle. The bike has a totally different feel and character… and I love it!

Thanks for lunch, opening your house (and homemade gelato), introducing me to your family and helping a regular guy like me with such an amazing set up!!!

Your friend,

I’m writing to you to express my appreciation for the transformation you performed on my race bike.

Now that I have had the opportunity to ride the bike at Milestone and Glen Helen, I can tell you, not only is the “Genius” Throttle Body truly a work of art, the performance experienced from your diligent tuning and set up of my bike is nothing short of a miracle.

The tractability,instant throttle response, consistent and overall power delivery is second to none. I can enter corners and just twist away, incredible.

Now let’s see what happens on race day. The competition is going to think I’m cheating.

Phil Dowell
+50 Expert

It pulls hard off the bottom and through entire power band. Maybe too much!

– Chris, Pennsylvania

Got the Throttle body installed and setup. I took it out this weekend and I have to tell you that it is one of the greatest improvements I have ever done to a CRF450. I have used Pro Circuit, Yoshimura, and other aftermarket parts. In most cases it makes the bike have a very strong power surge. But your Throttle Body gives the throttle response a smooth low end to upper end power surge that is very controllable and responsive.

I even allowed a few local experts try it and they were very impressed.

I am working with ATHENA / GET and will taking the bike and trying it on a dyno. I will send you the results.

Thanks again for expertise in technology and helping make this project come through.

– Patrick, Italy

Had our first day of testing, my son was able to get a half day off (he is in the New Zealand Defense Force,the Army), it was only 43 degrees F and wet, track was heavy and sandy, much like Valkenswaad in Holland, Jay could not believe the difference in the performance, a good sign. We run 14.5 to 1 piston, stage 2 hot cam, air force one air boot, ceramic bearings throughout.

– Grant, Australia

We have been testing with the bike (CRF450) on the track and the feedback from the rider was very positive:

  • • much better throttle response
  • • more torque/power
  • • nice “rolling” power
  • • wide useful power band
  • • more rpms
  • • good over rev

– Tim, Germany

The Genius TB System w/Vortex ECU ist super. It´s in all units stronger than the original and on deep Sand Tracks it´s always strong and i never lost power. On hard tracks it´s very easy and good to control. My starts went much better than without. Cause of this reasons I will have a second one 😉 All people in the Paddock are looking what I have for a different silver injection on my bike 😉

– Tim, Germany